Destination Wedding Planners

We plan & design destination weddings that
capture your vision

Mahogany is prised for its beauty, durability, and colour, which is everything we wish for your wedding day. It is also difficult to cut or break apart, which is what we hope for your marriage. On this foundation, Mahogany Memories was born and our mission is to turn your wedding dream into a reality.

For couples looking to get married, we are modern, fashionable, vibrant and passionate wedding planners. Based in Ireland, the team has a wide range of contacts, knowledge and experience to plan your perfect destination wedding.

We also operate as destination wedding planners for couples in Ireland wanting to get married abroad; in England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Portugal. Even in many destination countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the American continents.

Whether you choose a grand occasion or an intimate event, our aim is to remove all the pressure and stresses that come alongside planning the big day. As a result, allow you to fully enjoy each decision, at every moment creating perfect memories. We also provide wedding consultations allowing you to check in and get expert advice, when planning the wedding yourself.

From the first hello to the day after the wedding, Stephanie, your dedicated wedding ally (planner) will walk a long stride you. She will provide full assistance to guarantee exceptional results. With sharp attention to detail, she and the team will take care of each detail, minute or major, making memories for you along the way,  so all you have to do is celebrate with your love.

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